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Sit back, snack, and relax.

Craveable Cookie Meets Calming CBD


Welcome to The Malibu Cookie Company

CBD In A Tasteful Way

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Find Peace With The Malibu Cookie Company

Delicious, Healthful CBD Cookies

Our Houston bakery is here to provide cannabidiol (CBD) in a tasteful way. CBD cookies from The Malibu Cookie Company feature Valrhona chocolate, coconut, and flash-roasted macadamia nuts for a premium taste. We have decades of baking experience and put our skills to work in crafting a premium CBD treat, providing nothing but gourmet results.

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Our Cookies Are Made For You!

Take A Bite of Bliss With Our Chocolate-Coconut-Macadamia CBD Cookies

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Simple, Wholesome Results

Today’s market focuses on terpene profiles, vaporizers, and other fancy technology. Our old-school bakery has instead focused on gourmet cookies with a taste that can’t be beaten. Best of all, our customers will benefit from the many medicinal benefits associated with CBD. We’re here for your wellness, and offer the tastiest way to bring the calmness of the beach to you!

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